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8 Awesome Ways to Choose the Right Wedding Planner

8 Awesome Ways to Choose the Right Wedding Planner

The wedding is one event that is most close to heart and which comes once in a lifetime. Therefore everyone likes their wedding to be celebrated in the most happening and joyous manner.

Wedding planners have the right expertise and experience for arranging an ideal wedding party and celebration. However for that to happen, you should hire a wedding planner who is reliable and highly professional.

Read on below paragraphs to find seven wedding planning tips to hire an ideal wedding planner for arranging your wedding party

1. Rely on recommendations– Choosing the wedding planners in Indore for arranging a successful wedding party is a daunting task. Therefore to make the right selection you can rely on the recommendations from your relatives and friends.

You should trust your friends’ judgments more than reviews of strangers online, so look out for their advice for inspiration. Ask them about who they worked with to plan and arrange their wedding party and how was their overall experience with the wedding planner.

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If possible enquire about fine details such as the reliability, experience and professional appeal of the wedding planner. In all, if your friends have a positive feedback about the wedding planner who they worked with, then you can certainly get in touch with them to line up the interview and thus select someone who fits your requirement in most ideal manner.

2. Do Your Homework– To narrow down the list of potential wedding planners, it is important that you go about the business by doing some research. Essentially what you can do is to look for best wedding planners in your vicinity through online.

Make a list of the potential wedding planner, research about each of them by scanning their portfolios, know about their experience and read the customer reviews. Once you have done that you can narrow down the list to a few planners and now you can meet them personally for the interview to evaluate their reliability and professional appeal and see if they fit within your budget.

Ask the right questions about decoration, the theme of a wedding that they cater and entertainment ideas that they can implement to make the wedding party entertaining and exciting. All these questions and their satisfactory answers can lead you to select the right candidate for planning your wedding party.

3. Understand their services– An ideal wedding planner is all about logistics and their services. They basically provide a limited number of services limited to site selection, decoration, assisting the vendors and negotiation.

So at the time of choosing a wedding planner for arranging your wedding party, it is in your best interest that you get aware of the services of the professional.

Wedding planners render the expertise of wedding consulting, wedding coordinating, styling and designing and therefore you should make your selection accordingly. Consult the professional in advance about their services and how they can assist you in planning and arranging a successful wedding ceremony and party.

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4. Check out the guide to plan a wedding in the budget– Wedding planners in the market are available in plenty and each of them dispenses their expertise at a price that is different from each other.

Therefore selecting an ideal wedding planner for budget wedding planning requires you to have an idea about your budget and how much you are willing to incur their expertise. The idea is to save yourself from major disappointment and financial issues in the future, and for that to happen you should select a wedding planner within your budget.

Moreover, you can also ask them to customize their services and dispense their wedding planning expertise within your budget so that your dream wedding becomes a reality.

5. Find common cultural background– If you are planning a Hindu wedding or is looking to plan your wedding according to Islamic rituals, then it is one of best wedding planning ideas to opt for wedding planners having expertise in arranging such type of wedding.

The wedding planner should be familiar with the rituals and ceremonies of the wedding and should be able to demonstrate their skills accordingly.

The planner should have the experience in arranging wedding ceremonies and party based upon cultural requirements and should be able to provide the right amount of professional appeal and satisfaction.

6. Compatibility is important– You want your wedding arrangements to be perfect and for that to happen, the selection of wedding planner plays a crucial role. Therefore you should hire the services of someone who is experienced and seasoned enough to fully execute the type of event you want at the level you want.

Moreover, look for the compatibility factor with the wedding planner and how they would be catering to your demands by coordinating with you over the course of the wedding. This factor is crucial and can assist you in selecting the ideal professional for arranging your wedding party.

7. Forget their age- When looking for wedding planners you would find veteran wedding planners with hundreds of celebrations and years of experience under their belt, alongside you would also find those who have a  sparse portfolio but the creativity to arrange a perfect wedding.

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Though a younger planner might be more in tune with trends and highly energetic and exciting, experienced professionals tend to have tangible evidence of their expertise. Don’t miss out on the right fit because of preconceived notions of what a professional planner is supposed to look like.

8. Give Importance to the first meeting– If during the first meeting, the wedding planner is able to convince you about his skills and expertise then it is best that you go with them.

Pay close attention to how the face-to-face interaction feels and how the professional is represents his body of work and experience in front of you in which manner. The wedding planner should engage a conversation; he should listen to your requirements and should be ready to tailor their services according to your needs.

A strong and engaging conversation usually indicates they take their work seriously and would be able to serve ideally and satisfactorily.


Thus, for a wedding party to be successful and entertaining, hiring a wedding planner is essential and the above-listed tips will definitely help you in hiring the best wedding planner.

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