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Bollywood Celebrities Going for Short Hair-cut: When would you

Bollywood Celebrities Going for Short Hair-cut: When would you

Girls are always possessive about their hairs so in case that sometimes they don't let others touch them. I have female friends when sometimes I try to touch theirs they so instantly shout at me for not touching them. Though I don't do it intentionally!

We don't know how many times they experiment with them but so far it is known they do a lot. There is one friend of mine who whenever she met me always came with new colored hairs. Sometimes blue, burgundy and even with a silver pink shade.

Besides, they always change their hairstyle, every day with a new one they go out. One could not count the number of hairstyles a girl can wear, and whenever they know about a new one any celebrity donning, they just want to wear it like them. Hence this time we are going to tell you about a different one, and for this, you need a little chopping. Sacrifice you have to a bit them. Ready girls!?

New Hairstyle: Dramatic Short Hair Cut

If you want to go for this dramatic short hair cut, you need to go through a little chopping of your hairs.  Several Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities have gone for it and damn they are looking awesomely great.

Though the trend is not of this but some of the most gorgeous beauties of our Bollywood have worn it and one of them is Deepika Padukon. You have most of the time seen her in ponytails, buns and open long hair but this time she is giving a kind of dramatic look with her short hair cut with blonde effect. With her this new look she blessed her Instagram.

Pic credit - deepikapadukone

And then what you can expect? Shower of comments flood her Instagram page with her husband, Ranveer Singh commenting "Maar Do Mujhe". So lethal beauty she is! With no makeup look, she was looking ravishing. Even I got drooled.

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A kind of roughy hairdo it is with no maintenance, feeling of insouciance comes. Not Deepika Padukone donned only but many others too

Anushka Sharma is not behind too and she has gone for a shaggy bob. A bit Katherine Zeta Zones she is looking like as in Ocean 11 the Hollywood beauty wielded the look against Brad Pitt. In the queue, Kareena Kapoor is also with shoulder-length lob and across the seven seas, it is Kim Kardashian West including Jennifer Lopez too.

Anushka Sharma
Pic credit - anushkasharma

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Pic credit - therealkareenakapoor

Pic credit - kimkardashian

Pic credit - jlo

 So you see how many celebrities have gone short, abundance of them and many others looking for. This haircut really looks and feels cool. Fine elegance it is. We imagine a look of Deepika where she is in Classic short black dress walking in black stiletto, hair opened with silver pearl earrings in her ears; just the imagination of this fills us with passion.

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Hence when you gonna go for this crazy, edgy, no-care and most sought-after haircut? Before you gear up yourself for a party, we think you should go for this Dramatic Short Hair Cut.

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