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Roleplay: 18 Types Of 90’s Cartoon Characters That You Can Relate To At Indian Weddings

Roleplay: 18 Types Of 90’s Cartoon Characters That You Can Relate To At Indian Weddings

Growing up, Cartoon Network of the 90’s was one of the best things a kid had. Somewhere down the line it molded and shaped our childhood with its wit, humor and enchanting charm. 90’s was the time when the beauty of our favorite cartoons was beyond general entertainment, it was more than wackiness and tomfoolery. Right from Tom and Jerry’s love-hate relation that made us roll with laughter to Courage- The Cowardly Dog and Scooby Doo overcoming their fear and nabbing the ghosts, our 90’s cartoon characters gave us some major life lessons.

In the fast paced modern lifestyle we still yearn for those cartoons and pity the kids of this generation because all they have in the name of cartoons is Motu Patlu, Chota Bheem, Oggy and the cockroaches which deliberately try to evoke humor. Missing out on those golden days of the glorious cartoons? Ever wondered what it would be like if Dexter, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Powerpuff Girls all came to life? If this happened we 90’s kiddos would be the happiest people on Earth. Imagine how life would be in the presence of your favorite cartoon characters, with Shaggy as your next door neighbor, Oswald your cook, Pingu as your best friend, Mojo Jojo as your office colleague, Jetson as your cabbie sounds dreamy, right!

Now you must be wondering how on earth you can relate the 90’s cartoon characters with a wedding. No people we are not crazy, if you look around yourself you surely can people with attributes that remind you of your favorite cartoons. A wedding in India is an extravagant affair that unities the families and amidst the chaos of the auspicious occasion you surely can spot Scooby, courage, Flintstone amongst your invitees. Huhh…Wait what! Cartoons and that too at Indian wedding, lol not possible! No people we are not kidding, at a wedding amidst the presence of the amusing personalities of your invitees you’re sure to spot relatable cartoon characters. And we have found out the 90’s ‘Jinkies’ and Yaba daba doo gang at a flamboyant Indian wedding.

Grab your munchies and napkins and step aboard to enjoy this nostalgic ride!

15 Timeless Cartoon Characters That You Can Find At An Indian Wedding

1. Johnny Bravo As The Handsome Hunk, Dulha’s Friend

Johnny Bravo As The Handsome Hunk, Dulha’s Friend

Ya Baby! A beekcake body, pompadour hairstyle and Elvis voice, Johhny bravo was our first love guru although he himself was rejected by girls, lol! Yes this guy exists for real, and is none other than the Dulha’s NRI returned friend who makes the girls to go weak on their knees with his killer looks and macho personality. A mama’s boy who only falls for those Dafiney’s and Cinderella’s at a wedding but fails to grab their attention and get the bhav, lol! He is surely an eye candy, a visual delight at the wedding and a must catch for the Mrs. Bennet seeking eligible bachelors for single daughters. You definitely cannot miss out the guy at a wedding.

2.  Snow White As The Beautiful Belle, Dulhan’s Friend

Snow White As The Beautiful Belle, Dulhan’s Friend

With utter poise and sheer elegance Cinderella is the epitome of beauty and grace. At a wedding, a dulhan’s friend is the real Cinderella who makes the guys to skip their heart beat, sweeping them off the floor with her enchanting beauty. She is a caring and kind hearted person giving bhav to only the bachaa party. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth her glamorous outfit makes spotting her at a wedding an easy task. All the aunties seeking the sanskari bahu for their bachelor son have their eyes set on her.

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3. Deedee As The Annoying Sister Of The Groom

Deedee As The Annoying Sister Of The Groom

Remember our genius Dexter and his laboratory getting intruded on and then by his annoying sister Deedee. Although annoying yet she manages to make her brother’s revel’s heart to flutter with her presence. At Indian wedding she is none other than the groom’s sister, a headstrong, confident and bubbly girl who manages to capture the attention of the people around her with her presence.

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Although during the Jhoota Chupai rasam she showcases her love for him by safeguarding his shoes. True to her character how can she stop herself from annoying her brother dear, teasing him by the dulhan’s name. At the wedding she is the one who induces life in the dull ceremonies, as she hates boring things.

4. Tweety As The Chirpy Sister Of The Dulhan

Tweety As The Chirpy Sister Of The Dulhan

Tweety always with her chirpiness and cute looks was Granny’s favorite, so is our dulhan’s sister who is everyone’s favorite. Tweety has an arch enemy also yes you recognized the character, its Sylvester who is none other than the dulhan’s dever. The bubbly nature of the dulhan’s sister is what uplifts the mood off the wedding and the pranks that she plays on her sworn enemy adds oodles of fun in the ceremonies. Although her pranks sometimes annoys her granny who is her mother of course but her innocent look makes her to get away with it.

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5. Elmer Fudd As The Next Door Aunt

Elmer Fudd As The Next Door Aunt

Shhhh…Be vewy vewy quite, I am hunting rabbits..our hunter Elmer Fudd who always missed out his shot, we surely loved him for his stammering and anxious nature. Elmer was always caught red handed by Daffy and Bugs who would confuse him about his shooting target. At wedding, Elmer is none other than the next door annoying padosan whose sole aim in life is to know about the things happening at her padosi’s house, credits goes to the padosi dharm, ROFL!

Although how hard she tries to get a sneak peak of her targets house, she ends up getting caught red handed by the siblings due who make her to get confused about her motive why even she visited the house.

6. Scooby Doo and Shaggy As The Hungry Glutton Kids

Scooby Doo and Shaggy As The Hungry Glutton Kids

Scooby Dooby Doo Kaha Chupa Tu….the theme song that made us to groove to its tune! We surely loved the Jodi of Shaggy and Scooby-Doo and how food made them to get over their fear. At an Indian wedding they are the hungry kiddos whom you can spot near the food stalls happily munching on the food. Just like Scooby and Shaggy they are forever hungry and try filling their plates with as much food that the plate can fit in. Just like Velma bribes Shaggy and Scooby with Scooby snacks to get them moving and perform a task similarly our hungry gluttons are bribed by their moms with Pizza’s, burgers or perhaps a scoop of ice cream to do a task.

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7. Tom And Jerry As The Toddler Brother-Sister Duo

Tom And Jerry As The Toddler Brother-Sister Duo

The love hate relation shared by Tom and Jerry made the cartoon evergreen. Although they could not stand each other yet they could not live without each other. Who else would can you relate them to rather than the mischief maker brother –sister toddler duo.

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Just like Tom and Jerry taking the house on their head, rampaging things around with their wild chase, similar this duo can be seen running round wedding pushing and shoving each other, upsetting things, spilling drinks. The duo look cute together and their mischievousness is sure enough to steal your heart but their act is sure enough to upset the grumpy aunties.

 8. Richie Rich As The NRI Jijaji

Richie Rich As The NRI Jijaji

 How can we forget the lavish lifestyle of Richie Rich who had his own butler and robot maid servant super Irona and even their own scientist Keinbein and his personalized laboratory, Shut Up! That was what we would say then as we as kids got awestruck by his lifestyle. He is none other than the NRI jijaji, the moti party who is respected and paid extra attention to at the wedding.

The families at the wedding ensure that they have everything according to his preference as they do not want to upset him. Not forgetting he is the hot topic of discussion amongst the chatterbox aunties whose only aim in life is Panchayati karo, lol!

9. Road Runner As The Bride’s Brother

Road Runner As The Bride’s Brother

Road Runner was the show that made us understand the need for speed because if he would not have been swift then would have become Wile E. Coyote’s dinner. Who else better relates to this character than the Dulhan’s brother after all he is the one running after the wedding vendors to get the things in places. He also has to run around during the ceremonies to provide the necessary amenities to the pandit and the vendors and also has to run to get the last minute glitches. A man of importance, laden with too much work by his family, ghosh we do sympathize the poor guy for his plight!

10. Powerpuff Girls As The Dulhan’s Masi’s

Powerpuff Girls As The Dulhan’s Masi’s

Powerpuff Girls saved Townsville city with their superpower and the people of the city loved them. At a wedding who are the powerpuff girls…..they are none other than the dulhan’s masi’s…urgh we should rather call them Powerpuff Women, ROFL! Needless to say they are the one who calm down a Dulhan’s mother and make the wedding preparations right with their experience. Be it a tear in the dress or a badly cooked food item the masi’s cover it all they are super women afterall!

11. Bugs Bunny As The Talkative Fufaji

Bugs Bunny As The Talkative Fufaji

Ahhm...Kya Baat hai dost and happily munching on the carrot that is Bugs Bunny who always annoyed Daffy with his talkative nature. Our favorite bugsy exists in real life as well he is none other than our dear fufaji who at a wedding finds some way or the other to give his priceless advice. He is always eager to assist with the people around with his help. Who makes him to shut up, its offcourse Lola…we mean her wife our Bua. The Dulhan’s father acts as Daffy Duck who cannot tolerate Bug’s ..fufaji’s nosy activities.

12. Ed, Edd, Eddy As The Talkative Drunkard Gang

Ed, Edd, Eddy As The Talkative Drunkard Gang

Ed, Edd and Eddy the young lads who had nothing better to do in life rather than being a spoil sport. Everything that they did proved to be a massive faux pas. Whom can we better relate them to rather than the drunkard boy gang at the wedding. At a wedding they can be spotted easily at the bar counter discussing about their life and love interests.

13. Aladdin As The Dashing Groom

Aladdin As The Dashing Groom

We always wished that we had a genie like Aladdin who would fulfill all our wishes. Who betters relates to Aladdin rather than our dashing groom. The sweet natured, calm and composed groom who makes our dulhan to fall in his love yet again.

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14. Belle As The Beautiful Dulhan

Belle As The Beautiful Dulhan

Belle, the beautiful girl who calmed the beast, who can better relate to her rather than our Dulhan. The enchanting charm of our dulhan is sure enough to make your hearts to flutter. A dulhan just like Belle is the epitome of beauty and grace.

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15. Samurai Jack As The Multitasking Wedding Caterer

Samurai Jack As The Multitasking Wedding Caterer

 Samurai Jack the savior of town and who else matches with his attributes rather than the multitasking wedding caterer who manages things right from cooking, serving to decorating the food. Just like Samurai Jack and his killer sword moves we are surely impressed by his swift chopping techniques.

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16. Flintstones As The Bride’s Family

Flintstones As The Bride’s Family

Flintstones introduced us to the stone age world and who else better represents them rather than the bride’s family. Just like Flintstones the bride’s family believes in having a slow paced life taking the reeti-riwas seriously. For the bride’s family traditions matter the most and like Flintstones they believe that a family that eats together, stays together.

17. Jetsons As The Groom’s Family

Jetsons As The Groom’s Family

Contradictory to the Flintstones , the Jetsons introduced us to the space world. The groom’s family represents them best. Just like the Jetsons living a fast paced life, the groom’s family also loves the fast life. For the grooms family unlike the bride’s family traditions, rituals come later they give first priority to their social image. Family reunion for a modern groom’s family believing in Nuclear family concept is restored to just the happy occasions.

18. Tazz As The Grumpy Aunties

Tazz As The Grumpy Aunties

Remember Looney Tunes in which Tazz was the always grumpy character, hard to please. The grumpy aunties at the wedding represent them best. Ever hard to please, finding one or the other flaw in wedding, always complaining. A simple glitch is enough to irk them, making them to blow up. Be it not serving choices of their dishes to the photographer not capturing them the reasons are plenty to irk them. What else can we say to them rather than, ‘Take a chill pill!’

So these were our list of 90’s cartoon character who can be spotted at a big fat Indian wedding. Liked the nostalgic ride? Did we miss out in spotting a cartoon character? Tell us about your thoughts on the post in the comments below.

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