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Ten Facts about Cake Shops That Will Blow Your Mind

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Ten Facts about Cake Shops That Will Blow Your Mind

Be it a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, a surprise office target achievement celebration of the team or a quiet celebration in the car with the love of our life, most of the good times or we can say that the gala times are incomplete without a creamy, lip smacking and mouth watering cake. The cakes, just like all the other things related to human life have also undergone numerous changes and have reached from the parties and celebrations of elite Aristocratic class to the middle and lower-middle-class families. It would not be incorrect to state that cakes have become a synonym for some of the occasions, and these celebrations seem just incomplete without a cake. Behind this cake, there are some astonishing stories. Every cake is the result of the perfect measurement of ingredients and the perfect baking time and experience of a passionate Baker.  

Cakes are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, flavors, décor and many other slabs to categorize on. But the major category is the cakes that are baked with egg or the cakes without egg. Nowadays there are special professional bakers who hold an expertise in baking, and with their skills leave us astonished with their created baking wonders. Gone are the days when baking was a part of regular cooking, nowadays there are special baking courses and training to be a professionally trained baker. It is believed that the Egyptians were the first to get into baking the cakes.

Wedding – In the modern times, cakes have also marked their presence in the modern days wedding celebration. Since the medieval era, Christian weddings ought to have a cake in them. And a Christian wedding cake is no ordinary cake, but it actually is the personification of the class and background where the bride and the groom come from. This cake is baked with great efforts and hard work of the dedicated team of bakers, who first discussed the whole design, favorable flavors, number of eater and lot of other minute details. It is said that a wedding cake is actually the attraction and eye candy of all the invited friends family members and loved ones.

We can also notice a major change in the modern days wedding, where the cakes have crossed the boundaries of a Christian wedding and have now reached the wedding buffets of a lot of other religions too. Nowadays while taking a brisk walk discovering the served delicacies at the wedding don’t get surprised if your eyes catch hold of a bakery section serving some yummy creamy cake topped with fresh cherries. Cakes are actually becoming quite popular and favorite among the modern foodies. Quite a huge number of people prefer eating cakes instead of any other sweet.

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cake shops in jaipur

Cake Shops in Jaipur– Jaipur one of the fastest growing metro city in India, has a huge variety of cake shops in Jaipur that is spread across the city. Be it the regular market bakery or the elite star facilitated bakery one can find all the types of bakeries in the city. These bakeries not only serve a huge variety of baked cakes, cookies, biscuits and other bakes but also take orders to alter their baking dishes as per your need and choice. On one hand where we have the chain of bakers like “Venus bakers” and the “Cake world” that have now launched different stores across as the city, there are also a few landmark bakery stores that are still one but have an enormous footfall of ages old customers that still prefer ;picking there favorite stuff from their old bakers only. In this race of the numerous stores with the one old store, sprang another type the latest trend following sophisticated bakers that pull a lot of rich and elite class with their some of the most expensive as well as the exclusive delicacies that are not easily found at the regular stores. The new landmark is specially meant for the rich class and classy crowd, as they serve some of the most exclusive goodies. There red cheese velvet cake is something to die for, even the simplest of muffins that they bake leave you spellbound as you have a bite of these little monsters.

Bakery shops – Be it cakes, cookies, chocolates, crepe or any other modern days baking dishes that you want to try, the Jaipur bakeries have them all. The modern-day bakeries are not just the baking expertise but also have a beautiful ambiance where you can enjoy some of the most mouth-watering and delicious baked goods with your loved ones. These bakery shops are of all types some are grand with the marvelous variety that they serve along with some of the best-packed foods, the wholesome area the regular bakery shops that don’t have the huge variety but are expert in few of the items.

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Caterers – Looking at the modern market trends and the growing popularity of the baking items, nowadays the regular caterers have also included some of the bakery items on their menu. Be it a wedding celebration, birthday parties, anniversary gala dinners or any other joyous times with loved ones, caterers serve a great variety of bakery as per the needs of their clients. The cakes are no doubt an all-time hit in the menu but the latest trend is the add-on of cookies and biscuits. Now a day’s people get the packed biscuit gift packs from their caterer in bulk and circulate them as the gift around their social circle. Bakery items are also becoming popular corporate gifts; wherein a pack on one a variety of assorted biscuits are packed in style. Shaadidukaan also offers a great variety of bakery items for its valued customers. The trustworthy team of professionals is great at their baking skills and can be customized as per the need of the customer.

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