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The Best Tips to Plan a Budget Wedding in Delhi

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The Best Tips to Plan a Budget Wedding in Delhi

Weddings in India are famous for their extravagant celebrations, legendary rituals, and unending enjoyment. Thus a perfect Indian wedding is all about enjoying these ceremonies to the fullest in the company of countless guests.

Organizing a perfect wedding requires you to arrange best of everything from wedding decoration to careering and from beauty parlour to DJ in Delhi for party.  Each and every arrangement that contributes and leads to wedding ceremony should be best in quality and has to be hired from reliable vendors.

While planning a quintessential wedding requires planning, it takes more than planning to plan to arrange such wedding within a tight budget. So if you are someone who is looking to plan a faultless wedding in Delhi, it is important that you pre-decide your budget and book your venue in advance while ensuring that you keep your guest list trimmed.

Here’s a detailed description of these tips that you can focus upon to organize a standard wedding ceremony within your budget in the capital of the country -

1. Make an advanced and detailed budget – In order to plan a budget wedding in Delhi, it is important that you decide in advance the budget for your wedding. Once the date of the marriage has been fixed, the first thing that you can do is to fix a budget.

Budget Wedding Planners In Jaipur

The idea is that you sit with your family, relatives and with the family of your would be a partner to decide upon a budget that meets up to the expectations of both the families. Since you want your special to be as grand as possible, it is vital that you break down the expenses into main categories such as wedding caterers, venue, decoration as well as wedding photography and entertainment.

Once you have prioritized the list of arrangements according to your liking, it now becomes important that you make arrangements in a best possible manner based on your budget. Basically, you should look to hire and avail the best service within your set budget to plan a perfect budget wedding in the capital of the country.

2. Off-Season Wedding – If you want your wedding to be a grand affair without spending the extra cash, then it is a good idea to have an off-season wedding.  Just by planning an off-season wedding, you can save up to 40% of your budget. Since during the time of off-season wedding bookings are low, you can at this time get handy bargains from wedding photographers, caterers as well as decorators.

Off Season Wedding Planning Service

While during an off-season it gets difficult to find an auspicious date for marriage, you can consult your family astrologer to fix a date that is suitable and favorable as well.

So once are able to find an ideal date for marriage during the off-season, you can simply arrange your wedding celebrations in a grand manner as per your liking.

To plan ideal wedding celebrations, get some wedding planning tips from experts and hire best service providers within your budget. Once you have done that, you surely will be able to stage a perfect wedding in Delhi within your budget.

3. Hire a Wedding Planner – While the majority of people are of the opinion that hiring the expertise of wedding planner is a costly affair and requires an extra budget, in reality, it is not so. Contrary to popular belief, hiring the services of a wedding planner can actually help reduce the overall wedding cost.

Hire Wedding Planner

Thus when you decide to hire the services of one of the best wedding planners in Delhi, you rely on someone who is expert in arranging a wedding within the budget.

A wedding planner can find you the best possible options within your budget with respect to catering, photography, decoration as well as a wedding band. Not only wedding planners arrange best of everything within your budget, they can advise on aspects such as shopping, gifting, and clothing.

Since wedding planners are highly experienced and are resourceful, they can also help you get the best deal while hiring services and purchasing essential items that are not possible for non- professional.

4. Pre-book the Wedding Venue – Your ideal wedding would be incomplete without a grand venue. So, if you want the wedding to be grand without spending a fortune on booking the venue, then it is in your best interest that you book a perfect wedding venue month in advance.

Wedding Venue In Delhi

Booking the marriage venue 4 to 6 months in advance is one of the best tips to cut the cost of the wedding and it can also help you avoid a situation where you may require paying the extra amount to book the venue.

Booking ahead of time would slightly be easier on your pocket in comparison to a situation where you may try to book one at the last minute during full wedding season.

Moreover, when you book in advance you get the time to plan wedding decorations in sync with the venue which all the more enhances the beauty of the venue and of entire wedding ceremonies.

5. Reduce Your Wedding List – The idea of inviting an endless number of guests to the wedding function is one of the most common factors that make the overall wedding an expensive affair. So whether you are opting for a destination or traditional wedding, you should look to invite limited guests who are important and with whom you have a direct connection.

Reduce Your Wedding Guest

Inviting endless guests does not make much sense as it leads to increase in catering cost and shoots up the overall wedding budget.

Therefore being rational is advisable when at the time of preparing wedding guest list. Additionally, to invite your guests, you can go for the digital invitation to save cost on physical wedding invitation cards.

It makes absolute sense to send your wedding invitation via digital means such as Facebook, WhatsApp and through email so as to avoid printing expensive decorative wedding cards.


Thus, to organize an ideal wedding in Delhi within your budget, planning is crucial with respect to setting up the budget and hiring services with the help of planners

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