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Bridal Makeup Trends Of 2020: Damn Brides, Try All These!

Bridal Makeup Trends Of 2020: Damn Brides, Try All These!

Give me the wings I want to fly, give me the words I want to sing, give me the trends I want to follow, and if it is especially about bridal makeup trends 2020 I definitely want to follow. And these trends are not only for brides, any girl who wants to remain in trends, can follow. Though on your wedding day it is not a necessary thing that you need to follow a certain trend, you can be in your own way as you want to be on the final day. The trend that makes you comfortable, you should follow it. But just for you for trends to follow, if you want to get any, we are presenting here all those. Just get in your own vogue!

Popular Bridal Makeup Trends 2020 That You Can Look Forward To:

The Pheras Ready Day Look

if you want a more detail look then you can try this where makeup artist gives you all the details you want. But it should not be overdo and if you look closely you will notice the certain details everywhere that give all wedding guests a surprise.

Bold Brows

bridal makeup trends 2019
Pic Via - Nidhi Thukral

Bold brows are in trend and you can get it done in different colors as you want but on your wedding day you should get it according to skin complexion and tone you have. It can be paired with make-up or no-makeup as you want and with dewy skin, winged eyeliner as you want. Just don’t get it done overpluck and fill the gaps if you have in the brows.

Dewy Makeup

newest makeup trends 2019
Pic Via - Elite Unisex Saloon

How dew drops look when they fall and weather is dusk at dawn!? Nowadays everyone is applying dewy makeup whether fashion models or celebs around the world. This trend is latest in this season. It wholly makes you gorgeous and suitable for all events where you go, just get into the skin of it. You can do it with bright lipsticks, bold brows; as we mentioned above. For brides, it feels totally like subtler and calm, and fresh. And you can wear your favorite dress, just walk out and care less!

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Goth Lips

new makeup trends 2019
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You must have seen gothic art, darker and denser. Goth lips are same in the sense like going bold, darker and dense in a color of your own choice with which you feel relaxed. The red is more popular and many different shades of it you can apply. And if you think apart from red, you look more good in any different color, you can apply that.

Pink Eyeshadow

makeup trends 2019 india
Pic Via -

Pink never goes out trends from girls’ eyes. It always remains somewhere. Now pink eyeshadow is more popular and all over instagram you can see various shades of it with girls and brides. This color of women never blurs.

There are more to go for latest Indian bridal makeup trends that brides can follow. And above mentioned are the latest and best ones that celebs and fashionistas follow. But the best makeup trend is about what suits to you and your skin. There are many colors but choose the best that suit you best!

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