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Bridal Guide: 7 Things To Know About Your (Lehenga Fitting)!

Bridal Guide: 7 Things To Know About Your (Lehenga Fitting)!

The wedding is one of the best days of your life, why not to make it a great experience. For any girl, her bridal lehenga selection is one of the difficult tasks. Which lehenga design will suit her style? What are the latest designs of lehenga? Which size lehenga will suit her best? There are so many questions that come to mind when you’re selecting lehenga for your wedding.

Apart from Lengha Design and style, one more thing that needs to be considered to make a joyful and comfortable wedding experience.

Yes, you’re right! We’re talking about Lehenga fitting. Lehenga should be fitted in such a way that it gives a bride a comfortable feel and she feels relaxed while sitting and standing on the stage. Bride starts a new life in the bridal dress, so it needs to be memorable and a good experience.

Bridal Lehenga Designs

To simplify your problem, here we’re sharing a few must Dos for you to remember during your first bridal lehenga fitting.

1. Sit Down, Stand Up & Sit Again

It is necessary because if you can’t sit properly wearing lehenga, then it would be an absolute disaster. In Indian culture there so many rituals in wedding, so it is necessary to check comfort of the lehenga while sitting. All things are useless if your lehenga bulges up near the waist.

If it is not a right fit, then you’ll feel uncomfortable in the whole wedding day as well as photographs will not come as per expectations. Also, don’t forget to check the material of the bridal dress, if your wedding in summers then you need a soft fabric inside the lehenga.

If you’re not feeling relaxed wearing lehenga, it’s not the right fit anyway.

2. Don’t Go Alone

Take your friend or family member with you at the time of bridal lehenga fitting. You’ll get a great help if you take someone whose judgment you trust.

3. Don’t use Dark Shade of Lipstick on Trial

Imagine if you saw a lipstick mark on the wedding day, scary, right? Hence, avoid using a dark shade of lipstick on trial, especially when you bridal lehenga is light in color.

Bridal Lehenga For Wedding

4. Take Your Heels on Trial

When you go for bridal lehenga trial don’t forget to carry your heels with you. It is a good idea to try lehenga and wear Heels that you’re planning to wear on your wedding day. Walk for 5 minutes and check whether you’re feeling comfortable or not?  If you wear heels on trial you will get the complete idea about your comfort.

Wear the Same Lingerie You’ll Wear on the Wedding Day.

Do carry the set of same lingerie that you’re wearing on the wedding day. This will give you a complete idea about your lehenga fitting make sure to wear same shapewear and Lingerie when you try on your blouse.

5. Check Zips on the Blouses

We know that it’s the common thing, but make sure to check the Zips and Hooks by yourself. It will become a disaster if your zip or hook is not working properly on the wedding day. To solve this problem, it is good to check when you go for a lehenga fitting.

These minor details will become a major problem and definitely, you don’t want that on your wedding day.

6. Don’t Get Your Wedding Fittings Done Too Early

Your Bridal Fittings should be done 2 Weeks before the Wedding Day. You know why we’re saying this because usually brides loose or gain their weight due to stress or dieting. So, it is advised not go for bridal lehenga fittings too early.

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7. Check the Dupatta Style

On the Wedding Day, Brides drape dupattas in numerous styles. Also, you can take styling tips or inspiration from Bridal Lehenga Ideas online to get the latest style that is in the latest trends.

To know how to style the dupattas, check it on the Bridal Lehenga Fitting. If you feel uncomfortable, choose a new style that looks awesome as well as make you feel comfortable.

In a Nutshell

These tips will help you avoid the mistakes that can ruin the wedding look. Your bridal dress has to be perfect for you. Don’t compromise on anything. If you want to change anything, don’t hesitate to clearly communicate with the tailor or shop sales assistant. Keep one thing in mind; you need to look perfect on your wedding day.

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