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Five Best Wedding Decor Elements: Shouldn't be Missed

Five Best Wedding Decor Elements: Shouldn't be Missed

A bride beautifies herself on the day of her wedding to look world's best, best of best, not look like none the rest!. Suppose that on the day of your wedding you look so gorgeous but surrounding area near you look no so good, just wearing an ordinary veil of mundaneness that is awfully ruining your bridal look. 

Perhaps you might not pay attention to it but this matters. That's why wedding venue is decorated so much beautifully that when a bride walks the aisle, her beauty multiplies with the surrounding area. There are various wedding decor trends that are popular that couples have used in their weddings. Besides this, there are some elemental beauties also, some little touch-ups that can change the game forever if put. So we are going to tell you about such elemental beautifies of best wedding decor that can also be applied in your wedding too.

Best Wedding Decor Elemental Touch-ups

Aisle of Glittering Lights

Aisle of Glittering Lights
Pic credit - preach_weddings

Whether you make the entrance with this or make bridal aisle from where she is going to walk. Wherever you are going to make an aisle of glittering light, it is going to look so stylish that you wanna go under again and again just to feel it. When guests enter through it, they feel like a grand welcome is being done for them. It looks so simple and sober, and when around the green trees it is, decorated there, it gonna shower the whole wedding venue with its beauty.

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Hand-Painted Backdrops

Hand-Painted Backdrops
Pic credit - gayatriweddings

This is one of the new trends in best wedding decor where hand-painted backdrops are being put. These are good for Sangeet nights when after dancing so much you want to take rest and want to drink some few droplets of whiskey and rum pegs. When done these hand-painted backdrops feel and look cool that you feel you want to spend your whole time here in the lap of them. We want to say put it one in your wedding.

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Flamingo Love at Your Wedding

Flamingo Love at Your Wedding
Pic credit - altair.decor

Who doesn't love birds? Everyone does. What you think about an idea where you can just put them in your wedding venue? We are not talking about putting real ones while just some colorful mannequins of birds like flamingos and others. When put colorful they moon-shine your wedding. You can vary in the size of birds. So which ones you gonna put.

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Leheriya as Decor

Leheriya as Decor
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Leheriya chunnis are immensely popular in Rajasthan among ladies. It is a clothing. You can use these leheriyas as decorative elements whether you decor tables, chair or use them as colorful curtains that can give soothing vibes to your wedding venue decoration. It is really an amazing idea, out of the box we can say.

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Floral Ceiling Decor

Floral Ceiling Decor
Pic credit - shutterdown

It is one of the best that when done in your wedding, no one can ignore it whoever guests come to your wedding. Made of roses including other flowers can change the look of your wedding venue entirely. It is like a flower chandelier. Wherever you put it, it could change the atmosphere of your wedding.

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These above-mentioned are some of the best wedding decor elements or you can call decor touch-ups that can entirely change the look of your wedding venue, and when you walk the aisle bride, with your every foot-step shower of bliss is going to come.  

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