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10 Things Every Bride Should Know Before You Plan Your Engagement!

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10 Things Every Bride Should Know Before You Plan Your Engagement!

If you are planning to get married soon then it’s a common tradition to have an engagement ceremony a few days before marriage. It gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity where you have to look the best.

This engagement ceremony is a mere exchange of rings in some traditions only the groom places the ring on the bride’s finger. You should hire wedding planners or should read the wedding planning guide to make your engagement more enjoyable. If you are not much experienced and have not done any type of event planning before then it’s advisable that you hire a reputed engagement or wedding planner.

The wedding planner takes care of everything else for you and you are left to enjoy the function with your loved ones. There are a few things which you should keep in mind before you get engaged. Some of the most important things you should learn before engagement are enlisted below -

1. Stay Happy – It is the start of your new life together. You must talk to your would-be fiancé and ask whether he’s happy about the engagement or not. You both should spend more time together to know each other. Give love. And ENJOY.

Stay Happy

2. Get Your Beauty Sleep - This ought to go without saying, but everyone wants you to look absolute best on their engagement. So, control the nerves and get adequate sleep.

You probably will be too nervous to go to sleep right away, but use that time to do something by yourself, like read a book or watch a rom-com to relax. Chat with your groom, and sleep thinking of your joint future.

Beauty Sleep

3. Eat Breakfast And Lunch - Conditional on the time of the engagement, try to make sure you have a full stomach before the wedding starts. Choose your favorite & order a good breakfast and have a lunch with carbohydrates.

You’ll also want to drink plenty of water throughout the day. That way you won’t be tired or dehydrated when you exchange your rings! If you drink, hold your horses until after the ceremony.  Also, make sure your fiancé does not have too much alcohol, as well.

Breakfast and Lunch

4. Give Yourself Time - It is after all your day, you are the queen, sit back and relax.  Do yourself a favor and take plenty of buffer time, between your grooming appointments, photos ops, and ceremony providing for anything that might arise. Ensure everyone knows what to do and when, well in advance, to avoid the last-minute fuss.

Also, take a step back; just spend time with yourself before the ceremony begins. Take an extra long shower or bath, and take some time to pamper yourself mentally or physically before it all starts.

5. Prepare in advance - Take a minute to think about the little things you can do in the days or even night before your engagement day come that will make your preparation, easier. Book the Mehandi artist and candid photographers, in advance. You can compare the reviews online to find the best budget wedding photographers for your event.

Your nails and facials should be done well in advance. You’ll also want to make sure by confirming all existing appointments a few days before the ceremony, such as any ceremony musicians you’ve hired or your hair/makeup artist. Ensure your makeup artist reaches on time.

Best Photographers

6. Delegate - You are independent & free-willed, but you may tire yourself to madness planning it all out. So consult everyone, divide tasks, take reports, ensure that the whole thing comes off smoothly, for efficiency, divide and personally just take reports and updates, or being the main guest, ask someone to be your preparation assistant and make him or her your prep assistant.

7. Relax - Once your makeup is done, hair is ready and your dress is on and you’re feeling amazing, the most important thing you can do is RELAX. Take your own time; your family is out there handling it all. You won’t know if anything went wrong, even if you did, how do you change anything.

The one thing you absolutely can’t afford here is freaking out and dampening the fun of your own special day. Have a glass or two of bubbly or chat with the girls, before the start of the ceremony, laugh, and as they say, just go with the flow.

8. Give your loved ones adequate time – It is very important for the bride to know that she should give proper attention to all the guests at her engagement ceremony. Chances are that if somebody has been invited (by you or the family) to your engagement, you really like them (or your parents/family does).

They may have come from the adjacent locality or afar to spend time with you, be a part of your special day. And giving a few minutes to everybody will make them feel important. It will be an important memory for you as well.

Give your aunties a hug; try to make sure everyone is comfortable with each other. Also, take out time to thank your parents and grandparents for their love and getting you to this point in your life, when you are someone’s wife. Memories are not made and enjoyed with random strangers, so make a lifetime of memories with your diaspora of loved ones.

9. Dance - This is your party organized for you, let your hair down please and dance, enjoy the night. It is better for you to start the dance practice as soon as your engagement date gets fixed as this is going to be one of the only times, in your life where you own DJ playing your choice!


Remember to give your wedding DJ a long list of your favorite numbers (in whatsoever language, it’s your day after all).

10. Book early deals – Yes! As soon as your date of engagement is announced start looking for best deal on makeup artists, wedding venues, catering services, etc. If it is a wedding season then it is important that you make sure that you catch the best discount as soon as possible.

This is a night that comes once in a lifetime, give it your all, make sure you and your fiancé have fun and start your new life perfectly. Enjoy the day!

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