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Ten Beauty Parlour Ideas that can Impress Your Friends

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Ten Beauty Parlour Ideas that can Impress Your Friends

Salons are very commonplace in todays’ times. You find beauty salons for ladies, gents and children as well. If you want to open a salon yourself, then you should know how to discern yourself from your competitors. This article has been written with a view to help you with a few beauty parlour ideas that can help you build a large clientele in the shortest period. The portals such as Shaadidukaan will help you to get the best ideas for your salons.

Tip #1: Use Booker

Using Booker will help to improve productivity by more than 40 percent. Open appointments of your beauty salon will be flashed on all social media networking sites such as Facebook, Yelp, etc. It helps to despatch customized text and email marketing messages to clients. It can be used to track gift certificates and even set up an ecommerce store for the products and services that you offer.

Tip #2: Set up a selfie station inside your salon

Set up some space inside your beauty salon so that your clients can take selfies and post them on their social media pages. It is a good idea to set up the selfie station near your logo so that it gets flashed on the social networking platforms. It is free advertising for you. You can even put your hashtag sticker on a mirror if you have one.

Tip #3: Get creative

Set up new promotions based on the season or holidays that are coming up. Create new and extensive promos that are much beyond a simple regular haircut/ regular manicure/hair spa sessions. Hair smoothing, wedding styles, texturing, sugar hair removal, ombre hair coloring, etc., are new ideas. Promote National Blonde’s Day (June 4), Hair Extensions Day (May 22), Kiss a Brunette Day (July 2), hair Designer’s Day (June 26), etc., in addition to Mother’s Day, Valentines day and others. You can get as creative as you can. Full priced promotions will bring in the customers and the excitement.

Tip #4: Offer daily deals

To rope in more clients, try offering a daily deal. A good idea is to partner with another website which is big enough and can promote your offers on a large scale every day (e.g., Groupon). This calls for higher discounts which can be made up through larger volumes because of the advertisements. The investment will surely pay off when customers start coming back to you. In case you do not wish to partner with anyone else, you can run your own promotions on a daily basis using your own email list and social media platforms.

Tip #5: Use a Facebook page

Set up a Facebook page for your salon. This would serve you good because most of the clients would already have gotten into Facebook. A part of your clientele is already built in. Therefore, Facebook proves to be one of the best methods to reach out to these individuals.  Facebook has a number of parameters that can be appropriately set up to target one specific set of people or demographic. Some of the parameters are location, gender, age, etc. if these parameters are set up, the results obtained are always better than when disseminating information to a general audience. It pays to create targeted Facebook advertisements.

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Tip #6: Free haircut offers at public events

Spot out community events in your city/neighbourhood and set up temporary kiosks to give free haircuts to whoever walks in. Do your best on whoever takes on the offer. Use the best hair stylists for the promotion. This advertisement will surely pay off. Distribute coupons and flyers to participants, bystanders and passers-by. Word-of-mouth publicity works very well indeed as those who had their hair cut will surely talk about your company and how they got the haircut for free. They would rave about the quality of the cut.

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Tip #7: Set up a referral reward system

If you are pleased with the hairdresser, then you will surely recommend them to your friends and acquaintances. It is a good idea to reward customers who spread the good word around. It would be best to send either an email or a postcard acknowledging their kind deed by way of a discount or any attractive freebie.

Tip #8: Hire a social media manager

If you are a busy salon owner, it pays to hire a social media manager for the purpose of marketing your salon on Facebook. This would help as you can continue to concentrate on your core business requirements. You can even latch up with organizations that run campaigns, manage them for you, monitor the results and then improvise on them. Digital marketing agencies have full teams that provide the design for the website, make the site SEO friendly, display advertisements, and all other activities that will make your online presence stand out in comparison with your competitors.

Tip #9: Make your website mobile friendly

With a little effort and experimentation, it is now easy for those with small beauty parlours in jaipur to have their own mobile apps talking about their services. There are many software applications that would help you to set up a mobile app even without knowing to write programming code. Apps that run on mobile phones help the client to book salon appointments, apply and take part in loyalty programs and help to send push notifications to many clients all at once. Mobile apps do all this at very cheap costs. You do not have to issue physical loyalty cards. It is a big saving on stationery. You can send push notifications to any specific geographical area.

Tip #10: Use professional photos of your salon on Instagram

Instagram may be the best marketing idea of your salon yet. According to statistics, more than 30 percent of American women are followers on Instagram. Some of the best brands in the world (more than 50 percent) are using this audience. There is no need to miss out on this opportunity. However, be informed that Instagram looks for professional photographs. Every now and then it pays to organize a professional photo-shoot in your salon to post on Instagram from time to time(using Hootsuite). Now, it is more fun.

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