Auspicious Wedding Dates in 2021: See, Fix and Plan Your Wedding

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Some see the moon, some see the sun, and some see the stars; whey they marry, people see something to know that auspicious time on which their wedding will be solemnized. In different communities it is different, and in our Hindu community, it is always the Subh Vivah Mauhrat 2021. So if you are trying, planning, or thinking about getting married in 2021, and want to know auspicious wedding dates in 2021, here they are all for your marriage and engagement ceremonies, auspicious wedding dates 2021.

These 2021 wedding dates are according to the Hindu calendar, not consulted with any PanditJi. So for your exact auspicious marriage dates in 2021, you need to consult with your family Pandit. So what you are thinking, just see the dates and decide when you want to get married in the coming year 2021.

Marriage is a beautiful journey that two loving souls embark together and accomplish together. In the middle many hurdles would come, little sweet-sour fights would take place, you talk and you don’t to each other, but it doesn’t mean that you would end your marriage journey while these things bring you more closer to each other. It is the married life, the way it is, it is.

So see what auspicious marriage date in 2021 suits you both and on that date fix your wedding. And after deciding everything if you want to invite us, we are ready!

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Shubh Vivah Muhurat Dates in 2021

Wedding Dates In January 2021

Start time Nakshatra End time
Wed, Jan 20, 12:00 AM Revati Wed, Jan 20, 12:36 PM
Sun, Jan 24, 12:00 AM Rohini Sun, Jan 24, 10:01 AM
Sun, Jan 31, 12:00 AM Magha Sun, Jan 31, 02:28 AM

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Wedding Dates In February 2021

Start time Nakshatra End time
Mon, Feb 1, 06:25 PM Uttara Phalguni Mon, Feb 1, 11:59 PM
Sun, Feb 7, 04:14 PM Moola Mon, Feb 8, 03:21 PM
Sun, Feb 14, 04:33 PM Uttara Bhadrapada Mon, Feb 15, 01:59 AM
Sun, Feb 21, 03:42 PM Mrigashirsha Mon, Feb 22, 10:58 AM
Sun, Feb 28, 11:19 AM Uttara Phalguni Sun, Feb 28, 04:21 PM

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March 2021 Wedding Dates

Start time Nakshatra End time
Wed, Mar 3, 03:29 AM Swati Thu, Mar 4, 12:22 AM
Fri, Mar 5, 08:54 AM Anuradha Fri, Mar 5, 07:54 PM
Mon, Mar 8, 08:40 PM Uttara Ashadha Mon, Mar 8, 11:59 PM
Sun, Mar 14, 05:06 PM Uttara Bhadrapada Sun, Mar 14, 06:09 PM

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April 2021 Wedding Dates

Start time Nakshatra End time
Fri, Apr 16, 06:06 PM Rohini Fri, Apr 16, 11:59 PM
Thu, Apr 22, 05:01 PM Magha Fri, Apr 23, 07:42 AM
Sun, Apr 25, 08:14 AM Hasta Sun, Apr 25, 04:13 PM
Wed, Apr 28, 05:13 PM Anuradha Thu, Apr 29, 11:48 AM
Fri, Apr 30, 07:10 PM Moola Fri, Apr 30, 11:59 PM

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May 2021 Wedding Dates

Start time Nakshatra End time
Mon, May 3, 02:09 AM Uttara Ashadha Mon, May 3, 08:22 AM
Fri, May 7, 07:30 PM Uttara Bhadrapada Fri, May 7, 11:59 PM
Fri, May 14, 12:50 AM Rohini Fri, May 14, 11:59 PM
Fri, May 21, 03:22 PM Uttara Phalguni Fri, May 21, 11:59 PM
Sun, May 23, 06:43 AM Hasta Sun, May 23, 12:12 PM
Mon, May 24, 11:13 AM Swati Mon, May 24, 11:59 PM
Thu, May 27, 10:29 PM Moola Fri, May 28, 08:01 PM
Sun, May 30, 04:03 AM Uttara Ashadha Sun, May 30, 04:41 PM

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June 2021 Wedding Dates

Start time Nakshatra End time
Fri, Jun 4, 02:22 AM Uttara Bhadrapada Fri, Jun 4, 03:11 PM
Sun, Jun 20, 08:59 PM Swati Mon, Jun 21, 02:59 AM
Mon, Jun 21, 01:31 PM Swati Mon, Jun 21, 04:45 PM
Wed, Jun 23, 12:00 AM Anuradha Wed, Jun 23, 06:59 AM

July 2021 Wedding Dates

Start time Nakshatra End time
Thu, Jul 1, 02:03 AM Uttara Bhadrapada Thu, Jul 1, 02:02 PM
Thu, Jul 15, 03:42 AM Uttara Phalguni Thu, Jul 15, 07:16 AM
Fri, Jul 16, 09:42 AM Hasta Fri, Jul 16, 04:59 PM

November 2021 Wedding Dates

Start time Nakshatra End time
Sun, Nov 21, 12:00 AM Rohini Mon, Nov 22, 09:08 AM
Mon, Nov 29, 05:30 AM Uttara Phalguni Mon, Nov 29, 04:58 PM

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December 2021 Wedding Dates

Start time Nakshatra End time
Wed, Dec 1, 06:47 PM Swati Wed, Dec 1, 11:35 PM
Wed, Dec 8, 12:00 AM Uttara Ashadha Wed, Dec 8, 12:11 AM

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