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10 Amazing Varmala Trends Every Couple Need To Try

10 Amazing Varmala Trends Every Couple Need To Try

Planning a memorable varmala ceremony? Want it to be legendary not only for the family but the guests to remember it for years to come? No worries, here are some interesting ideas about the wedding season, and how to make your evening memorable, not only for you and your spouse but for the crowd and for everyone present there.

Traditionally, the wedding of a bride or groom is often an evening not only for the spouse, and ensuring the whole party makes memories is no mean feat. So the craze of the wedding celebration is always at its peak; which is why the wedding planning tips being given and taken have now become a full-fledged industry in itself. There are some premiere wedding planners in Jaipur who have organized some of the most unique, memorable events to deliver their client with best possible memories out of their weddings, in aesthetical and emotional terms.

Varmala’s - One of the most symbolic parts of any wedding is the exchange of promises and bands, in a Hindu wedding, the Varmala, is one of the most symbolic parts of any wedding, in Golden, Bejeweled, Red, and Saffron colors, in formations of beads and pearl, in classic and chic styles.

Varmala Concepts In Jaipur

Garlands made of emeralds and purely out of precious stones too are in vogue and the varmala concept service in Jaipur is one of the best at ensuring that your dream wedding will come true. They create an atmosphere where you hand to your life-long partner, not only a varmala but possibly the perfect representation of you the most sincere promise.

This inseparable part of every Hindu wedding has developed new trends to make it memorable –

1. Theme-based ritual- Based on famous mythological events or an imaginary story, this type adds a different flavour to the varmala. The most used scene used here is Sita’s swayamwar.

2. Under a roof- With scope for other ideas, even out of imagination, and varmalas based on it, it is memorable not only for the couple and families but the guests too, those who do not want to go all the way with a theme based rituals can have it under a specially designed sheet of flowers (phoolon ki chaddar) or even a dupatta.  

Varmala Theme Ideas

3. The perfect varmala- From exquisite multicoloured flowers to flowing pearls, in different designs from single loop to double loop, the varmalas have to literally hang around all evening, and a trend is seen nowadays is selecting a varmalas complementing not only the bride and groom’s colours but the shades of the outfit too.

4. The perfect stage- Tradition says that the varmala ought to take place where it is equally visible from all angles, on a well heightened, centre, round stage, ensuring not only great visibility for the guest but the best snaps as well.

5. Love on a car- Definitions, however, are challenged and changed every day, and a new trend, catching on quick, which you may want to consider, is the Varmala on the Jeep. 

6. Bring a revolution- Now we are talking of marriage and armed mutiny would not be cool here, revolution here signifies the revolving stage, in the middle of the hall the bride and groom stand, on a revolving stage decorated with ornate flowers, and when the garlands are exchanged it begins to revolve. This is one idea that definitely has the wow! The element in abundance!

Varmala Service in jaipur

7. Shebang and bang bang- Imagine your spouse and yourself standing on a grand stage, looking into each other’s souls, exchanging varmalas, taking mental vows when all around you a world of crackers burst into their multicoloured lights and you feel just that extra bit closer to your partner.

What can be surely organized is the fireworks, which not only acts as a stimulant to barats, but has developed as a separate niche market, especially in the Pink City, with firework shops in Jaipur more than adequately, catering to all the flashy, fiery, loud and whizzy needs for bombs, rockets and other fire-crackers.

8. The waterfall- Love stories, earlier, usually in villages began near the river, waterfall or the well, paying homage to our roots and adding an element of uniqueness to your varmala, you can also try the waterfall effect, where you and you’re your future spouse, exchange vows between water in faucets or for the really adventurous, near or in a waterfall.

9. Lightings– You can create perfect lightning where bride and groom exchange matching varmalas on the stage under a spotlight.

10. Try to reach– You must have seen in movies or at weddings, where the brothers or cousins of the bride try to lift her high so that the groom isn’t able to reach her. This is fun and it helps in bringing the families, closer.  

A marriage is a huge familial and social event, and ensuring that the Barat has a good time, is a duty of any considerate host. No matter what you do, your varmala shall always be your personal memory, to make it a more memorable memory, not only for yourself but the guests too, use any of the wedding planners in Jaipur and get wedding planning tips to make your amazing varmala the talk of the town.

varmala concept ideas

Weddings, in India, have been going on since centuries, from simple saptapadi (seven sacred steps, to swayamwars, from court marriages to fort marriages, we have seen it all. Having seen everything from wedding planning tips, related to pictures, food,  stages and guests to varmala concept service in Jaipur, from ideas and event planners in Jaipur, to even the fireworks shops in Jaipur, which give perfect wedding explosives.

We recommend to you the ultimate wedding, in the pink city, no issues if you reside here, and a local destination wedding worth its price and more than its value is not a bad idea. One of the few places in India where all the raw materials have developed together to create the perfect evening for the most important event in this most historical of cities is here. 

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