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7 Things to do After Your Wedding

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7 Things to do After Your Wedding

It’s sad, but good things always come to an end including your wedding festivities as well. Once the DJ wala has played our last playlist and guests make their way out to the exit, some final tasks have to be taken care off. But, luckily now you need not handle all these things alone as your spouse can help in this. You can prefer taking help of wedding party planners in this wrap-up. This will make breakdown fly by in less time.

Important things to do after getting married

After getting married, several things are there which should be done timely such as clearing wedding photographer dues to finalize wedding destination and much more. Well, to overcome this issue here are some key things which you must do after getting married.

1. Take care of gown - This is one of the most important things which you must do after getting married. Always remember to pack your wedding dress properly, before you shed layers of taffeta and tulle. If you will take proper care of your gown, then hung it inside garment bag and should also have handler such that you can bring your gown back to the house. You can even find out a preservation plan that will make your life after wedding easier and time-saving.

Take Care Your Wedding Gown

2. Preserve top layer of your cake - Freezing top layer of your wedding cake and eating it on first wedding anniversary has become a wedding tradition and many couples choose to follow it. So, if you also want to do same with your wedding cake then assign some the responsibility of wrapping cake properly and then putting it in a freezer for the later time. To make wrap tough, remove devotions and use plenty of plastic foil and wrap so that your cake tastes delicious and fresh for the wedding anniversary.

Preserve Top Layer Of Cake

3. Use the wedding décor - Decoration is something which helps in getting best wedding photos and even makes your special day more special. There are many little things which come together to make your wedding best. But, once you will tie the knot what are you going to do with all the wedding décor? To solve this you can prefer using most of the decorative things in your bedroom or guestroom. Not only this, you can even sell these items to other couples or friends via online selling market. So many are there to try among and you can also out a garage sale. In fact, you will feel relieved once you are done with everything.

Use Wedding Decor

4. Return unused items - Next thing which you must do after your wedding is returning any unused items. There are so many items which you usually buy but do not use it. This can either be returned or passed on to someone else. In fact, if any of your friends are getting married or engaged then you can ask them to use your wedding leftover decorative items. This can be the best guest return gift ideas to consider and most importantly, it will help in saving a lot of money. It is the best option for such couples who are really attached to their wedding items and cannot think of returning or reusing them.

Return Unused Items

5. Give vendors tip -Vendors put best efforts and time just to make your wedding day special and amazing as per the plans. So, it is your duty that you should do something for them. They provided the food, flowers and everything. That’s why it becomes much important to thanks them and give credit if due any. If you are not sure whether or not to thank them verbally, give them something extra such as a tip or any kind of gift. While on other hands, if you don’t want to suffer because of last-minute cheques give all the responsibility to a trusted person who knows how to deal with all these kind of things.

Vendors Tip

6. Change name legally - If you are planning for this, then don’t think much and sign on marriage registration paper. Changing the name of Twitter and Facebook is an easy job, but changing your name legally is also important. So, you must take some time and get it done at earliest once you are married. Take an hour and collect all necessary documents like social security card, driver’s license and passport and start checking your list. The more you will wait, the more headaches will increase and not only this, it will also create the number of issues which can end up in misplacing your marriage license. Due to this, it’s advisable to commit yourself to change the name at earliest because it makes your future life much easier.

change name legally

7. Plan for a honeymoon - Last but not the least thing is planning a honeymoon. No wedding is complete without having a honeymoon. So, this is most vital things to do after getting married. Although, most of the couples decide a honeymoon destination well in advance but in case, if you haven’t planned anything yet then do not waste time and execute your plan. If you are less with the budget, then many budget honeymoon packages are available online which you can buy. From international destination to World Tour and from the beach to cultural cities, there are so many to choose among.

Plan for honeymoon

Thus, the above mentioned are some of the most important things that you need to remember and get it done as soon as possible, right after the wedding.

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