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10 TIPS: How to Get Glowing Skin Back After Holi?

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10 TIPS: How to Get Glowing Skin Back After Holi?

Holi is that one festival of the year for which people wait. With the loud music, parties, tasty food especially gujiyas and most important the colors, all of this make Holi – a blast! As said, it is festival of colors which unites people by making them all stand equal under the covers of bright Holi covers.

But, one fact about this festival cannot be avoided – its aftereffects.

The Holi colors can be harmful on your skin, body and hair. But, this season can be a different one as we have got 10 amazing tips that can keep your skin glowing even after Holi.

So, use these tips for body-care to get rid of the unwanted stains along with enjoying a great Holi!

1. Cover yourself nicely– First of all, you must ensure that you select your Holi dress carefully. Always select a dress that covers your body nicely. It will keep it away from strong colors. So, go for a full sleeved t shirt or kurta. The best way to begin with a safe Holi is physical protection. You can also tie a scarf in a stylish way to protect your neck and ears.

cover yourself

2. Lipsticks – You can still look amazing on Holi with oily hair, saggy clothes and color stains, just apply your favorite lipstick to look glamorous on the festival party, plus, the lip color will protect your lips from unwanted color stains along with keeping them hydrated for a long time.

3. Warm shower- It is advised to stay away from a hot steam shower after coming back from the Holi party; it will dry your skin. It is best to use lukewarm water for bathing to keep your skin, glowing, fresh and hydrated. 

warm shower

4. Coconut Oil– You must heard your grandmother or mother asking you to apply coconut oil as it is one of the most popular solution to the biggest beauty dilemmas. That’s actually true. The coconut oil has many significant effects on our skin to keep it glowing and healthy. So, before leaving for your Holi party it is suggested that you apply coconut oil all over your body and hair. This will make cleaning of the stains, easier.

Coconut Oil

5. Hydrated– It is best to stay hydrated no matter it is a festival or not. But, especially on Holi you need to keep your skin protected from getting dehydrated. Since you have to deal with added chemicals therefore harm is tough to repair. Plus, the bright and shining sun is always present to harm your skin. It’s best to grab a glass of water whenever you get a chance.

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6. Don’t let it dry– Once you are home, don’t just sit down and relax or sleep. It is advisable to take a shower and clean up as soon as you get a chance to do it. You can even use a good face wash to clean up your face. This will make your skin refreshed and clean. If colors will stay on your skin for too long, they will make it dry. You can simply carry a face wash in your bag as they in handy sizes and use it wherever you can manage.

let it dry

7. Lemon juice– Right after washing your face after the Holi party, it is suggested to rub a slice of lemon on your face. The bleaching properties of lemon make it a natural cleanser. You can use it to remove the stubborn color stains especially on your face.

lemon juice

8. Organic colors- Going organic on Holi is the best latest trend. Organic Holi colors are chemical-free which is easy to clean off. The organic colors are gentle on your face and body therefore it will help it keeping your skin healthy.


9. Gentle scrub– After all the fun and party, it’s time to give some love and attention to your skin. The stubborn stains need scrubbing. You need to use a gentle scrubber to get rid of the colors plus it will help you in removing all the layers of dead skin which makes it healthy and radiant. This helps it removing the chemicals, too. This will allow your skin to breathe freely and nicely.

Gentle Scrub

10. Moisturizer– After washing, scrubbing and rubbing; it’s time to pamper your skin. Yes, you need a good and generous moisturizer on your face and entire body. When you are done with shower, use the moisturizer on your entire body. This will help in getting rid of the coarseness and roughness and will ensure that your skin stays radiant, all day long.

Holi is undoubtedly one of the biggest festivals of India. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement. Thus, it is very tough for someone to hold himself or herself back from the celebrations just because of the color stains. But, still many people are afraid of the skin damage caused by chemicals present in colors.


This fear doesn’t let them enjoy the festival nicely. The stubborn holi colors get stuck in to the skin pores and later on damage the upper layer of your skin. Excessive scrubbing can hurt your skin and leave marks on it. Therefore, you need to be smart.

Above mentioned are some of the best beauty tips that can help you in enjoying this beautiful festival with same excitement and enthusiasm just like everyone else, even if you are a beauty conscious person. It’s not about taking care of your skin for one day. It’s about protecting it from damages so that you can stay beautiful and radiant even after the festival is over, for a long time.

Thus, these little steps taken by you can help you developing a good skin care routine to pamper yourself, forever. But, make sure that the products such as the face wash, body wash, scrubber, etc. that are using are o good quality. Always rely on best products to keep your skin clean, radiant and fresh.  

Hope, the above mentioned tips will protect your body, hair and skin from all types of harms from pollution and colors. Enjoy a safe Holi!

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