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5 Unbelievable Facts about Wedding Planners

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5 Unbelievable Facts about Wedding Planners

“Wedding” is a once in a lifetime event that has a tremendous amount of emotions connected with it. It is a celebration of not just two individuals namely a “bride” and a “groom” but a list of family members, relatives, friends who are equally excited for it. Wedding in our society is not just a day’s function but a whole lot of rituals, get together and celebrations for days to fall. The weddings these days are getting bigger and grand day by day, but one common problem that people face is “ so much to do, in so less amount of time”. To fight this time issue with having small or limited family members and acquaintances to share your workload comes on the scene the “Wedding planners”. Wedding Planners are professionals who arrange all your needs to organize a wedding as per your choice and budget.

These wedding planners are the people who have a reasonable answer to all your queries related to the wedding celebration. Be it suggesting venues for different functions, and finalizing the venues as per your budget, suggesting and finalizing the caterer for different meals, organizing the decorators or booking the hotels for the stay of your guests they take care of every little thing that even you might skip while planning a wedding. This team of professionals also help you in shopping and packing the wedding stuff. They also have links with the professional’s choreographers to ensure an enthralling and fun-filled dance parties and bachelor party celebration as a part of wedding gala times.

Wedding planners Jaipur - As the city of Jaipur has grown in the past two decades, similarly, the wedding planners have also become quite popular in the city. It would not be incorrect to state that now there is a whole industry of wedding planners in Jaipur who deal with the different level of clients depending on their team and professional qualities. These professionals work as a team to make your “wedding” dream come true. These professionals after understanding the spending capacity and vision of their customer carefully plan the entire wedding as per the different mindsets and get the approval of their clients before commencing anything. Now a day’s weddings are moreover theme based, these themes could be in the décor, for example, a floral theme wedding would have a grand floral decoration at the wedding, with the flowers being the part of the buffet, décor, and even in the jewelry of the attendees of the wedding. The weddings are also colors coded where people both men and women follow certain color codes on different days.

Jaipur is also one of the most popular destinations for heritage or the royal weddings. People from all across the globe fly down to Jaipur to celebrate their wedding in an Aristocratic or Royal luxury style. The charm of the Royal Jaipur wedding is equally high among the Indian locals, Non-resident Indians, and even the foreigners. These weddings are no doubt laden with lots of expenses but are to be cherished for years who so ever witness them. The wedding planners even invite celebrities to these wedding to make them all the way more charming and attention-grabbing. The décor to the served food to the stay everything in these royal weddings is bigger than the dream. The wedding planner through their striving efforts and hard work make each moment grand and mesmerizing.

Wedding Planner In Jaipur

Event Planners– As we all know that Indian weddings are far more than just the marriage rituals, it’s the celebration of days with lip-smacking food, mouthwatering sweets and some exciting beats of music accompanied by thumkas and latka jhatka of young friends and excited cousins and family members. The wedding planners also ensure to take care of the entertainment quotient. The beat of the DJ to the dhool of the Barat everything is taken care of by the wedding planners as they have a well-sorted plan for the wedding to be memorable. The team also arranges the religious pundits to perform the rituals in case anyone seeks one. The wedding planners also ensure to keep the mehandi artist in their team, who plays the most important role in the Indian wedding. In fact, there will be a whole team of professionals who would be at your service to put the best mehndi to the bride and also to the other relatives. The beauty issues are also well resolved by the team of beauty professionals who are again a team of well-trained professionals who dress up the bride and the other relatives too. They not only take care of the makeup and hairstyling but also help in dressing up the bride in the decided attire be it a lehenga or a saree.

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Shaadidukaan is one trustworthy name in the event management industry that takes care of the entire wedding celebration. They have a huge list of options to cater their customers from different walks of life. Be it a Hindu wedding of high rituals or a fun-filled Punjabi wedding, the wide variety of packages that they offer will fit all the needs of the customers. And they have taken care of all petty and massive needs and requirements of the customers in the packages including the venues, music, hotel stays, meals on different days and all that we can think of.  So once you have a wedding date and day fixed, all you need to do is contact the Shaadidukaan and leave all your wedding related worries to the team. You go shopping around all your goodies and relax while they will do all the hard work to make your wedding a memorable experience for yourself and your dear ones.  Nowadays there are also people who take care of the packing of the wedding gifts in the most trendy and stylish ways. So you have nothing left on you to worry about, just leave it all on the wedding planner and you enjoy these moments of family, love, and togetherness.

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