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Jaipur based Startup, the Online Wedding Market Place is one stop solution for all wedding planning needs that makes wedding day special.

The portal provides wedding related services and vendors on the single platform. Not only this, even one can find the wedding related trends, ideas, tips and guide for the dream wedding.


Wedding is one of the biggest commitments made in a lifetime. It is not only sign of love and promise rather it’s a day of celebration for all. Each wedding is unique because every couple has their wedding dream. To complete the dream wedding, many wedding planning services and wedding vendors are needed. For the same,, based in Jaipur, India spreads its wings to entire India for complete wedding planning services online. covers  works in Indian cities with wedding-related 46 different categories. We are publishing an interview with Mr. Rohit Sharma, Founder & CEO, .

1) What is Shaadidukaan?

Shaadidukaan provides people everything they need to plan in a wedding. It is an online wedding market that has an array of trusted wedding planners and experienced vendors. They help people to turn their dream wedding into a reality. We provide verified vendors from 46 different categories in cities across India. People can search and book vendors whose services coincide with their requirements easily at .

2) How and when you started –2015

I have always been influenced and inspired by the Indian wedding industry & culture. The rich traditions of India have fascinated me and always wanted to start a business that somehow relates to Indian weddings. I started in the year 2015 with an aim to lessen the hassle of wedding planning.

3) A little about You and your team?

I learned the aptitude of marketing and consumer loyalty while working in Insurance field with Bajaj and Reliance Group for a long span of time. After quitting my job in 2010, I began my own startup to build a National Corporate Organization which is having its base in Jaipur, INDIA. Thus started Arnav Media and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. in 2010 as an event company to comprehend the requirements of wedding clients and service issues with wedding vendors.

I am such kind of a person who believes that one cannot achieve the goals without the team. The growth of my team along with me and the company is equally important. My wonderful team is doing great work and giving their 100% to achieve our present and future goals.

4) Taking the theme of the specific reason for this interview, why you started in Jaipur?

Jaipur is a beautiful city that has an essence of traditions and richness in cultures. These days, people prefer to plan their wedding at such places which gives them a touch of traditions and luxury together. In addition to this, my roots are attached to Jaipur. With this reason, it was quite impossible for me to start my journey from elsewhere.

5) How long have you been in Jaipur?

I am a Jaipurite by birth. The pink city Jaipur has given much love to me and I just want to give something in return to this amazing city.

6) What shift or change you have seen in the past 10 years in Jaipur Startup Ecosystem?

In the past 10 years, the ecosystem of Jaipur has revived immensely. People were not much active digitally and socially at that span of time. When I thought to start a business of my own, I faced many difficulties but my view that everything begins to get completed elevated the growth of company and the challenges were duly met. Nowadays, you just need to have a good ideology of business and investment. Jaipur’s business market is welcoming new ideas and fresh minds wholeheartedly.

7) What are the advantages of being based in a city like Jaipur compared to other metro cities?

Jaipur is becoming an ideal place for startups day by day and is open to welcome every kind of business. People from each part of India find their scope in Jaipur, whether they belong to this place or not. You can consider this as a major advantage for fresh minds and youth entrepreneurs.

8) What are the challenges you have faced or may face in future because your startup is based out of here?

With the thought that to achieve something it’s better to do than to talk. “Actions speaks better than words.” So, let’s focus on what to achieve than gearing on future challenges.

9) What sort of traction have you seen in the past couple of years?

Risks have always been an integral part of every business. So, the same same goes with us as well. Upgrading market with technology in a traditional wedding was the biggest risk I feel.

Profit and Loss is the part of sustainability, if you want to achieve something in life, you have to face risks, losses, and challenges and I think, all these things make you a stronger person and help you to grow personally.

10) Two years from now where do you see Shaadidukaan?

All my work has potentially given me a high raise, so I expect to make my presence in many additional cities. I have worked very hard to reach where I am today and nurtured Shaadidukaan with my heart and soul. With the motto, “Building India’s biggest online wedding market”, I want to see Shaadidukaan reach the top.

11) Where you are willing to expand, B2C/B2B/B2G only or looking at other revenue as well?

Actually, we are working in various different domains and looking forward to making ourselves aligned with the ‘Make In India’ initiative. The quality of the services that we provide along with the satisfaction of our customers is the major concern of my company. Obviously, I am willing to expand my business, so, let’s see how things turn out!

12) Has Shaadidukaan reached sustainability and profitability or do you for-see it in the near future?

I treat Shaadidukaan like my child and have already made many plans for the future. It has reached a specific point of sustainability which gives me manifold more hopes for the future and is ready to fight every hurdle that comes in its way to success.

13) Out of so many pros of being in Jaipur, anyone that impacted you (personally) or your company?

As I told you before, the rich heritage and traditions of Jaipur have inspired me since forever. The versatile nature of Jaipur creates a positive impact on my business. I am really thankful to Jaipur for adapting my business thoughts and providing me opportunities.

14) Your advice to the talent of Jaipur who willing to relocate from here as they think beginning from Jaipur is not good for their career?

Whether you call it a piece of advice or my personal experience, one thing that I want to convey to the youth is that, the success of your career depends on self caliber and not place. It’s all related to your mindset and skills. Jaipur is full of opportunities; you just need to keep your eyes open to see them.

15) What you want to say to the entrepreneurs who belong to Jaipur but started elsewhere or who wants to relocate to Jaipur?

Those who want to relocate their business to Jaipur, I just want to share my own experience with them. When I was about to start my journey in Jaipur, there were an assemblage who advised not to make a wrong investment in this city. But now, the same group applaud for me. So, the most basic thing is, you and just focus on your plans and DO IT!

16) What's your favorite hangout place in Jaipur / How you spend your weekends?

I like to spend my weekends with my friends and family, a day out with them in this hectic schedule makes me feel good. Place don,t matter, people do.

17) Your views on Chalo Jaipur initiatives?

With an aim to make Jaipur the next startup capital, Chalo Jaipur has taken a big step to make the future better for the youths. It’s something innovative and inspiring for the ones looking for new opportunities. I wish Good Luck.

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